About Us

Our Story

We started Red Lime Cafe in Adelaide back in 2012 to provide a unique cafe and dining experience that upholds South Australia’s expectations and quality standards. We are more than just a cafe, we are a community of coffee enthusiasts, food lovers, and seekers of the perfect haven. With our commitment to quality, every cup of coffee we serve is a work of art.

Our Mission

The mission of our coffee shop in Adelaide is to create a warm and inviting space where people can come together, connect, and experience the joy of exceptional coffee. We strive to serve the highest quality brewed coffee that is carefully sourced from sustainable and ethical producers. Our skilled baristas passionately craft each cup with precision and care, ensuring every sip is a delightful experience. Beyond coffee, we aim to provide a haven for creativity and talent, supporting local artists and hosting cultural events. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to fostering a sense of community, making every customer feel valued and appreciated. Join us in celebrating the art of coffee and building lasting connections.

Our Vision

At our coffee shop in Adelaide, first and foremost, we prioritise the quality of our coffee. From the beans we source to the coffee we serve, we maintain excellent standards. We are committed to sustainability, supporting environmentally friendly practices and promoting responsible sourcing. We value community, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where all are embraced. Integrity is paramount, as we believe in transparent business practices and building trust with our customers. We celebrate creativity through collaborations with local artists and a dedication to innovative flavours. Finally, we place emphasis on customer satisfaction, striving to exceed expectations and create memorable experiences.











Joanna Simms

Our talented local barista who whips up delicious flavours of lattes and cappuccinos

Mark Tims

Our barista who makes the perfect flat white and local white cafes and cups of joe

Regina Phillips

Our celebrated chef who whips up delicious desserts and baked goods

Natalie Hills

Our expert chef who creates beautiful food pairings with cheese and salads

Cynthia Regina

Our detailed barista who loves creating beautiful cups of coffee with artwork

We love coming to Red Lime Cafe for the simple flavours and rich aromatic coffees that really stimulate your senses and enhance your taste buds.

Chantel Turner

Red Lime Cafe is the perfect place in Adelaide to enjoy a leisurely book while sipping on a hot steaming cup of coffee and enjoying a cheese scone.

Mariah Parker

I love eating desserts and drinking coffee at Red Lime Cafe as the quality is unmatched and they use sustainable packaging and local produce.

Christine Matthews