Happening Upcoming Past

May 31

Open Mic Nights - 2023

31 May 2023 - 196 Adelaide, South Australia

Red Lime Cafe hosts open mic nights to provide a platform for local musicians, poets, and artists to showcase their talent. Here you can express yourself creatively and make a name for yourself or encourage your talented friends and family members to show their skills in our beautiful and vibrant coffee shop in the heart of Adelaide.

June 1

Live Music Performances - 2023

1 June 2023 - 196 Adelaide, South Australia

At Red Lime Cafe, we host live performances by local bands or solo musicians which can range from acoustic sessions to jazz or indie music. You can groove to the tunes of your favourite musicians and bands and enjoy vibrant music all around while sipping on a delicious frappe or hot coffee and enjoy the music and festivities.

June 3

Poetry Readings - 2023

3 June 2023 - 196 Adelaide, South Australia

We also host poetry readings that allow writers to express themselves, while listeners enjoy the power of spoken word and connect with like-minded individuals. You can also be part of the readings by asking questions about the poems, getting to know the meanings behind the poems and trying to create your own creative verses.

June 5

Book Clubs - 2023

5 June 2023 - 196 Adelaide, South Australia

At our book club events, participants choose a book to read and then gather at our café to engage in thoughtful conversations. You can pick a book of your choice or just listen in on the first few sessions to see how it works. This can really help you get your creative and literary juices flowing and engage with other creative minds in the city.

June 7

Themed Parties - 2023

7 June 2023 - 196 Adelaide, South Australia

We also organise themed parties for special occasions or holidays, like a Halloween costume party, a Valentine's Day singles mixer, or a Christmas karaoke night. You can dress up and enjoy a fun party, spend time with your loved ones and make amazing memories here. Even if you are away from home, we can make you feel at home with our events where the warmth of the locals will keep you smiling.

June 7

Local Artist Showcase & Coffee Pairing

7 June 2023 - 196 Adelaide, South Australia

You can explore a curated collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and more, all while enjoying our exceptional coffee. To enhance this experience, we've crafted a coffee pairing menu that complements each artwork. Engage in conversations with the artists, learn about their inspirations, and immerse yourself in the vibrant local art scene, all within the cosy ambiance of our coffee shop.

June 7

Coffee Tasting and Education Workshop

7 June 2023 - 196 Adelaide, South Australia

Join us for an immersive coffee tasting and education workshop at our Adelaide coffee shop. Led by our expert baristas, this event is designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of coffee. Learn about the origins, processing methods, and flavour profiles of different coffee beans from around the world. Engage your senses as you sample a variety of specialty coffees, exploring their unique characteristics.